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Nano Hydrophobics has developed two different but easy approaches for companies to evaluate our coatings’ ability to address your particular scaling problems. 

One approach involves providing Nano with some plates from one of your plate heat exchangers.  We will coat the plates at no cost and ship them back to you.  Simply insert the coated plates during your next maintenance cycle, so that you start your next production cycle with your clean (uncoated) plates, and some with Nano Hydrophobics’ protective coating.  At the subsequent maintenance cycle, just open the plate pack and compare the difference.

Alternatively, we can provide a small portable test skid system comprised of two small heat exchangers (HXs).  Just connect the skid as a ‘side stream’ to your production unit with four hose connections. One HX will contain regular uncoated plates, the other HX will have Nano-coated plates.  The skid automatically measures flow rates, fluid pressures and in/out temperatures so you will see the heat transfer coefficient of each HX during the period of the test and be able to quantify the savings.

We are happy to answer the many questions that you’ll probably have about how our coatings may work in your facility.  Just get in touch.



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